Here I am on Hannity & Colmes, 21 Dec. 2007. Mark Steyn was sitting in for Sean Hannity. The other guest is Chris Horner of CEI.

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There’s some satisfaction in taking shots at Horner and CEI. God knows they get off too easy most of the time. And watching Horner bumble around and make no sense is fun.

  • He called me an “alarmist” and decried ad hominem attacks in the same sentence.
  • In a discussion of whether there’s a scientific consensus, you are not allowed to appeal to the authority of science? What can that even mean?
  • Did he really claim that all 400 of these people who signed Inhofe’s press release are “peer-reviewed”?

And so on. Still, doing this kind of thing leaves me feeling a little dirty. There’s zero chance of engaging in substantive debate, or of changing any minds. It’s just an opportunity to practice, for fun. But I don’t know if I really want to get good at being a dick and talking over people. It occurred to me when I got home and hugged my boys that I wouldn’t want them to watch it.

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