• 40 percent — petroleum’s share of global energy consumed in 1998
  • $246 — amount spent by the author on gasoline to drive a 1987 Honda Accord 5,700 miles on a cross-country road trip from Feb. 15 to March 15, 2000
  • $433 — estimated amount the author would have spent if he had driven a new Ford Explorer 4WD, the most popular sports utility vehicle in the U.S.
  • $725 — the cost of an equivalent amount of gas in 1981, adjusted for inflation to today’s dollars
  • 1.7 billion — the number of urban residents in developing nations who are in danger of lead poisoning
  • 90 percent — the share of airborne lead pollution in developing nations’ urban areas that is caused by leaded gasoline
  • 93 percent — the share of all gasoline sold in Africa in 1996 that contained lead
  • 0 percent — the share of all gasoline sold in Canada today that contains lead
  • $155 million — Octel Corporation’s 1999 profits from the sale of the gasoline lead additive TEL
  • 80 percent — Octel’s share of the world TEL market, which consists primarily of developing countries
  • 4 — the rank, by volume, of MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) among organic chemicals produced in the U.S. (MTBE is a compound added to reformulated and oxygenated gasolines to reduce smog-causing air pollutants.)
  • 35 percent — the share of community drinking water wells in 31 U.S. states that are potentially threatened by MTBE contamination, as a result of fuel spills and leaking underground tanks

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