We already know that the Weather Channel CEO actually believes in climate change, and now he’s putting his programming where his mouth is, with a new series that will take a look at the ways that scientists and others are tackling the planet’s little weather problem. Each week, the show’s host visits researchers who are coming up with creative, and in some cases cray-cray, solutions to rescue us hapless citizens from the havoc we’re wreaking on our world.

Here’s the Weather Channel’s description of the show.

Hacking the Planet tracks the fascinating work of scientists developing strategies for preventing, weakening or redirecting threatening weather conditions and natural phenomena.

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Each week, host John Rennie takes viewers through a series of field experiments, illustrated by quirky animated graphics, to uncover strategies for preventing extreme weather events. To make for some fun, yet informative interactions, Rennie is joined by science bloggers Cara Santa Maria and Brian Malow who help gauge the plausibility of each scenario.

We’d add that John Rennie is funny as hell and Brian Malow actually has a career as a science comedian, so this is likely to be at least mildly entertaining.

In case you were worried that crazy weather was going to be the end of the world, it’s not. The end of the world is that there’s an actual series on the Weather Channel. Content, people. It’s the tsunami of content. Run.

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