About 15 Greenpeace activists scaled the Eiffel Tower Sunday and unveiled a banner to protest France’s nuclear-energy policies. France uses more nuclear power than any other E.U. nation. “Since he was elected, President Nicolas Sarkozy has done everything he could to sell nuclear energy,” Greenpeace said in a statement. “At the U.N., as head of the European council, or just recently at the G8, he has behaved like a traveling salesman for [French nuclear-power producer] Areva and has used political platforms to promote French nuclear power.” France, which will have the European Union’s rotating presidency for the next six months, was during the protest hosting some 40 heads of state from E.U. and Mediterranean countries. Paris was also the site of a separate anti-nuclear protest on Saturday, wherein thousands of protesters marched through the city carrying signs with slogans including, “Stay inactive today and you’ll be radioactive tomorrow.”