The Onion is expanding into a TED-esque talk series, which should be great fun for those of us who follow Literally Unbelievable. For their inaugural talk, they’ve solved the energy crisis by inventing the idea for a car that runs on compost. Now all that remains is to invent the actual car, which is practically trivial!

The video’s sculpturally coiffed blond guy (could he look any more perfect?) has a two-point plan for developing the compost car, which calls to mind a certain five-point economic plan in its concrete specificity:

Step one: Devise an idea to create a car that runs on compost. Step two: Create the car.
We’ve already completed step one. We’re halfway there.

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In fact, this all sounds a lot like parts of last night’s debate:

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Economists will try to tell you this is impossible. I’ve already thought of that. Feasibility deals with implementation. I’m not involved in that. Get the best engineers, pay them double what they make, and I’m confident they will do this. … If my idea is implemented correctly there could be a new job for every car made. Some of you will be able to have two jobs, and you’ll still have time to do your current job as well.

Anyway, it’s a genius video, about a genius plan that cannot possibly fail, providing someone can come up with the plan and then do the plan without failing at it.