As you may recall, I gave a TEDx talk back in June called “Climate change is simple.” You can follow that link to see the original and read a whole bunch of documentation on it.

I found out yesterday that a bright young man (now that I’m 40 I can call people “bright young men”) named Ryan Louis Cooper has been working away creating a remix of sorts. He’s added some imagery and music and just generally made the thing 1,000 times better. Check it out:

Ever since I first gave the talk I’ve thought it would be awesome if someone would punch it up like this. We’re constantly saying that messages about climate need to connect emotionally. What connects with the emotions better than music and imagery? It’s remarkable what an effect it has.

Anyway, huge thanks to Ryan for this delightful and unexpected gift. Ryan is a journalist and social media manager over at Washington Monthly. He runs the magazine’s Twitter feed, as well as his own Twitter feed @ryanlcooper and a blog where you can see more of his work. Check it out.

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