“We need to put more carbon dioxide up there, because jobs.”

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) is hitting the old campaign trail, the high pope of denial anointing candidates with the black mark of coal dust.

From The Hill:

Inhofe began his tour in Montana, where he touted Rep. Denny Rehberg’s (R-Mont.) coal credentials. Inhofe said the Montana Senate candidate would fight to keep the Corette power plant in Billings, Mont., open, while incumbent Sen. Jon Tester’s (D) support of the administration’s air pollution rules put the plant’s future in jeopardy. …

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Montana was Inhofe’s first stop on a three-state swing in which he will stump for candidates who want to repeal environmental rules the Oklahoman opposes.

The Corette plant’s upcoming closure, announced in September, was blamed on EPA regulations. However:

David Hoffman, PPL spokesman, said Thursday that the Corette plant has been off line “a substantial period of time” this year because of the oversupply of power in the Northwest markets, including power from wind energy, and a flat or lower demand for electricity.

The price for electricity is also low because natural gas is so cheap, Hoffman said.

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So, you know, it’s the EPA’s fault that we can no longer use this coal plant that we weren’t using much because of the market.

Anyway, back to Inhofe.

Next week, Inhofe will become one of just a handful of GOP senators to publicly campaign for Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R) since his controversial “legitimate rape” comments, in which he suggested pregnancies were unlikely to occur after a rape.

In the House, Akin consistently voted against imposing various environmental and air-quality rules.

And that’s all we need to say about that.

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