Wow. The Nation has elected to print some flat-footed, idiotic global warming skepticism from Alexander Cockburn, who has made a media career out of insulting people and generally being a dick. I don’t have time to get into it — see previous post — but you can check with Sir Oolius for some initial debunkery.

The one thing a reasonable person might conclude from Cockburn’s steaming pile of column is that it’s very important for greens to detach global warming activism from the whole “sin” frame, because that pisses everybody off, even notional allies. Of course, dragging his dyspeptic ass out of bed in the morning probably pisses Cockburn off, so maybe it’s better just to ignore him. As I shall now proceed to do. Instead I shall locate an alcoholic beverage.

Update [2007-5-2 23:14:42 by David Roberts]: More from Brad Plumer.

Update [2007-5-3 9:27:25 by David Roberts]: You know your skeptical arguments are weak when Planet Gore isn’t even buying them.

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