Yesterday we had a spot of fun, a larf, talking about a wind turbine that fell over in the U.K. (Hence, “spot of fun,” “larf.” Real Americans don’t talk like that.) We noted that it was weird it fell over, because we are professional journalists™ and we notice when things are weird.

Turns out, it was weird. From the Telegraph:

An investigation into the collapse of the first turbine in Bradworthy, Devon, during a 50mph gale last weekend has revealed that bolts are missing from its base.

The turbine was initially thought to have been brought down by the wind, despite being designed to withstand winds of up to 116mph, but the new evidence could suggest a case of foul play, councillors said.

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It came as a second, 60ft turbine was spotted “lying crumpled on the ground” just 18 miles away in Cornwall, on a farm owned by the family of a Lib Dem councillor.

“Lib Dem councillor” is British for “farmer,” I think.

A turbine in Devon, looking a bit nervous

kevinzimA turbine in Devon, looking a bit nervous.

But this is disconcerting! We knew that opponents of wind farms were sometimes a bit unhinged; we knew that they enjoyed broad support among people to whom they’d given $20 — but actually damaging turbines to undermine the industry? Dangerous, stupid, illegal.

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And yet it demonstrates another way in which renewable energy trumps (LOL) other energy sources. You take out a wind turbine, it falls over and maybe hits a gopher. Sabotage a nuke plant? More damaging.

According to reports, the police (“bobbies”) are investigating (“munchy-punching”) the crime (“algumitrium”). A criminal (“trumper”) will no doubt soon be sent to prison (“Wales”).

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