On Wednesday night’s The Late Show Stephen Colbert chalked Donald Trump’s defeat in Wisconsin up to “things he has done and said” as well as “things he hasn’t said.”

For example, Trump has been notoriously heavy on talk, but light on actual policies. “But on Monday, Trump finally put that criticism to bed,” Colbert said, before the show cut to a Fox News clip of host Sean Hannity interviewing Trump about which wasteful government agencies he’d eliminate as president.

“The Department of Environmental,” Trump replied. “I mean, the DEP is killing us environmentally, it’s just killing our businesses.”

A federal Department of the Environmental, of course, doesn’t exist. (In fairness to Trump, New Jersey and the GOP frontrunner’s hometown of NYC* do have Departments of Environmental Protection or “DEP.”) Colbert, of course, couldn’t resist.

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*Correction: An earlier version of this article said that New York state has a Department of Environmental Protection. That was incorrect. The author has been sentenced to setting up interviews with federal Department of Environmental agency officials.

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