There are some who believe that those behemoth white wind turbines are beautiful and some (Donald Trump) who believe that they’re a blight on the landscape. Well, here is a wind turbine that will win over both groups. It’s like the Frosted Mini-Wheats of wind energy: The penny pincher in you loves the efficiency, but the Trump in you loves the fact that it looks like it came from West Elm.

The blades of the Hercules are made from North American cedar, and it produces — in the real world — about 3 kilowatts. (Installed power is rated at 5 kilowatts.) The company recommends it for installation in private villas, gardens, resort hotels, yacht clubs, golf clubs, marinas, and (for the plebes) public parks. And if The Donald still has doubts that this is a machine made just for people of his financial caliber, perhaps he’ll be convinced by the contemporary rich-person lounge music in this video:

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