This tornado, guys. This tornado. I mean. I just. I can’t. The whole town! The kids! UGH. I am at the point with national tragedies where I just lose my ability to respond in any coherent way. What do we even DO at that point? Well, one approach is to watch heartwarming animal videos, like this one where a shocked tornado victim discovers during a CBS interview that she didn’t lose everything — she just lost everything except her dog.

If you don’t well up when she says, “bless your little bitty heart,” it’s possible that your own heart is malfunctioning. Or it’s possible that you’re too distracted by the fact that the TV news people don’t PUT THE DAMN MIC DOWN AND GO HELP THE DOG. But the pup makes it out of the rubble in one piece anyway, and other footage shows her (I think) walking away with nothing apparently broken. Thank goodness for one little bitty bit of good news.