Step for a moment into this chilling alternative reality, in which fine young men and women believe “gravity is just a theory” and “cigarettes aren’t addictive”:

The video is from the Climate Reality Project, Al Gore’s current climate-change fighting outfit. What do y’all find the most terrifying moment? I lose it around “Scientists are, like, altering their data just to get paid.” That girl is really convincing! But the clincher is when they say, “Of course it’s true. I learned it in school.”

But, phew, it’s all fiction. For now. Unless organizations like the Heartland Institute get their way.

The Climate Reality Project has rigged up a petition to tell Heartland “keep climate denial out of our schools.” It’s probably worth signing, because if Heartland wins, your kid could come home one day and call you stupid for buying a Prius/living near public transit/sticking to the ground when you walk.

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