Heartland’s crazy billboard featuring crazies was quickly pulled down, but climate groups are fighting fire with fire — or, in this case, billboard with billboard. Forecast the Facts came up with this lovely specimen:

But Clear Channel, which apparently controls the billboard system in Chicago, was having none of it, and would not approve it. The company did, however, give its blessing to a sign from Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, which asks, more tamely, “Who to believe on climate? Heartland … or EVERY National Scientific Academy in the world?” Zing.

Wonder what Clear Channel would have made of Grist’s psychotronic climate billboard generator. Hm, maybe we should look into putting this up near a Chicago highway?

Overall, the backlash to the “crazies believe in climate change, so climate change is crazy, and I don’t know how logic works” billboard is hurting Heartland. According to Forecast the Facts, the group’s lost more than $800,000 in funding from sponsors like PepsiCo, State Farm, and GM. But they still have $1.43 million left to pull whatever diabolical scheme they’re cooking up next.

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