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Chevron cares about life — not the people kind, the kind that’s been compressed and buried under rocks for a hundred million years, now only found in its fossilized form. In other words, oil.

That’s the message of a new spoof of oil company advertisements from Adam McKay, the director of the movie Don’t Look Up, in which an asteroid hurtles toward Earth in an allegory for climate change. The fake commercial cycles through cheesy stock footage of newborn babies, frolicking elephants, and wind-turbine-filled mountainscapes. Meanwhile, the voiceover savagely explains that Chevron’s products are “transforming the planet right this second into a hellish George Miller film” — a reference to the post-apocalyptic Mad Max movies.

McKay posted the video, created by his company Hyperobject Industries, on Twitter Thursday with the innocuous question, “Has anyone seen this Chevron commercial?” A day later, it had already been viewed more than 4 million times. McKay recently donated $4 million to the Climate Emergency Fund, which trains and mobilizes climate activists, and joined its board of directors.

Chevron did not respond to Grist’s request for comment in t... Read more

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