Regeneration RoadTrip 08

It feels like just a year ago that I was traveling down the Mississippi in search of sustainable cities. Well, I’m on the road again — this time with a much more ambitious itinerary: 15 cities, 15 days, destination: green. I’m in San Francisco right now, but I’m headed all the way across the country, baby.

Golden Gate Bridge

And dude, I’m getting a Dell! Actually, I’m getting a Todd Dwyer, head blogger for Dell’s eco-minded site The two of us are hitting the road (in a Prius!) seeking the leaders, big and small, of our sustainable future — whether that means talking to Van Jones about creating jobs in a green economy or learning about the latest in eco-innovation at Tesla Motors. And, hey, if I have to test-drive a new Roadster, well, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

RoadTrip 08 - Day 1

Stay tuned for updates, images, and video clips from the road. As true digital nomads, we’ll also be keeping in touch via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media — and we’ll be expecting you to share in our journey. We want you to ask your questions about what’s ahead, tell us what you’re doing to make a difference, and give us advice about where to grab our next meal.

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For now, though, it’s time to hit the road — full speed ahead, destination: green.

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