Tip #3: Bag the “paper or plastic” debate at the checkout line by toting a reusable bag (or seven) of your own.

Anya Hindmarch bagWe Are What We Do.Grist advice guru Umbra Fisk is lucky to go a week without being asked about the “paper or plastic” conundrum faced by anyone who has strolled a grocery-store aisle. Though she assures us that when it comes to the which-is-the-lesser-of-two-evils question, there is no clear lesser, and neither is exactly evil, the best answer by far to this either/or question is “neither.”

But that doesn’t mean juggling armfuls of produce and toiletries out to the car bus. Repeat after us: BYOB. (And that stands for bring your own bag, smartass.)

Whether you choose to tote a designer sack by the likes of Stella McCartney or the Anya Hindmarch celeb-must-have that proudly announces it’s not a plastic bag thankyouverymuch, there are plenty of options out there — even for the most cash-strapped among us. We happen to love the little Chico Bag totes that fold up into purse-friendly bundles you can take anywhere.

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