My band — Lady Antebellum — is doing something different this year. We want to practice realistic green habits that we know we can do year-round, not just on Earth Day.

We just released our latest video for a song called “I Run to You,” which is all about paying it forward. The idea of making small lifestyle changes now as a way to “pay it forward” so future generations have a better planet is such a simple and obvious way we can help.

One of our first steps was taking the FilterForGood pledge to reduce bottled water waste. Like a lot of people, we drink a ton of bottled water, especially when we’re on the road. We can go through dozens of bottles every day between our band and crew.

All that plastic can really pile up, and it’s not always easy to recycle, especially when we’re traveling around in a bus and in a different city every day. When we can, we’re going to do the filtered water thing. It’s a small, simple change that can go a long way. It’s not a hard change to make, and it’s something our fans can do, too.

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We explained more about why we choose to FilterForGood in a recent Webisode Wednesday video (see below). Anyone can get involved by pledging to give up bottled water at, carrying a FilterForGood bottle like we’ll use on tour with Kenny Chesney this summer and checking out the site’s blog for more ways to go green. We hope that not only will our fans join us in reducing bottled water waste, but also other artists will too.

The plan is to tailgate with the reusable bottles … since it is the Kenny Chesney tour, we plan to do some experimenting with all the other things you can mix with filtered water. Ha!

Another thing we’re doing is traveling with 12 people on one bus, rather than using two. We had the option to get two buses, but the buses use so much fuel, so I’ll just handle the cramped quarters with eleven stinky boys for the greater good!

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