Doug PittHe would have needed a stage name
Brad’s not the only one who digs green building — his brother’s joining him to support a hometown eco-stadium. The groundbreaking was just the other day … you might say officials Doug a Pitt.


mooseheadA-hunting we won’t go
Your trophy room never looked so good. Just don’t bore everyone with the story of how you stalked the wild beast with scissors and Scotch tape.

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Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

speedy turtleFilibuster busters
Faced with a recite-the-whole-bill threat from Republicans, House Dems hired a speed reader. Hilarity ensued when, zipping through page 523, he said “Maxwan-Warkey” by mistake.






teslaHave you haired the news?
German-auto heavyweight Daimler invested in Tesla. Which is too bad — we were really hoping they’d get behind Whitesnake.





Cameron DiazMy sister’s leaker
Vogueing in vegan shoes we can get behind. But talking up her poos? Cam-Cam, you didn’t need to drop that knowledge.




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