Miranda Kerr on Rolling Stone coverNudie by nature
Lingerie model Miranda Kerr says she “decided to go au naturel to raise awareness of the environment, specifically koalas.” Well, we’re not sure what her Aussie Stone cover is doing for the koalas, but it’s sure raising a whole lot of something.


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Burger King baloney signPhoto: MemphisFlyer.comI’ve got yer “inconvenient truth” right here, buddy
Check out this Whopper. We only wish Al Gore had responded by serving The Burger King a douchebag pie.












Coal dressed up as Miss West VirginiaYou’ve got coal and you’re super bad
Congrats, West Virginia, on choosing an official state rock! Way to celebrate the coal-based economy that has given your state so many blessings. Hey, who needs teeth when you’ve got cheap power?





Put a ban on it
Parodying Beyoncé’s “Single Girls” has officially jumped the shark. Thanks, Joe Jonas Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Cap-sac and trade
Want to save resources by combining two unnecessary accessories into one obnoxious object? Use your head.