Cameron Diaz on Marie Claire cover“How do we make this little planet of ours a big star?” asks actress Cameron Diaz in the cover story of Marie Claire‘s July issue. “The planet needs a publicist.”

And this bubbly blonde is just the gal for the job. She’s long been an environmental activist — running around with an MTV video crew for her 2005 show Trippin’, which took her to exotic locales all over the world — but it wasn’t until she attended the TED conference recently that she really felt the push to do something a bit more serious.

These days, she’s doing a lot of press for her new film My Sister’s Keeper, but she also happens to be the star of a much smaller production. She’s been filming a documentary about our relationship with the planet, traveling to less-than-exotic locales across the country to talk to regular folk about the toxins in their air and water — and what they’re willing to do about it.

Check out this short video about her journey:

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