Justin Timberlake golfingPhoto: jurvetson via FlickrBring it on down to Golfersville
J Tee is bringing sexy back to green. The putting green, that is. And with eco-friendly practices par for this course, we’ll hold your wood any day, Mr. Timberlake.




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DictionaryWhat a tangled Webster we weave
If you’re a locavore with a green-collar job who’s planning a staycation because you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, then you’ll be pleased to know Merriam-Webster has decided you officially exist.





Natalie Portman




Tofu chef
If you can’t stand the meat, get NatPo in your kitchen.








Copper feel
Follow penny lane to the Standard Grill in New York, which has some not-so-standard tiling. It’s a penny floor: your thoughts?

Penny floorPhoto: Notcot.com


Burger King signPhoto: MemphisFlyer.com

Eat it up
Funny how this fake-news story about Taco Bell’s 100 percent un-natural “green menu” seems more realistic than these real-news stories about McDonald’s, Burger King, and Domino’s going green.