Save the Bay mapCourtesy Save the BayListen up all you Gristers who live along the California coast: This Saturday is Coastal Cleanup Day. Join your friends, neighbors, frenemies and complete strangers in a community-wide effort to get the plastic crap out of the ocean.

Plastic isn’t just a problem way out in the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch. For example, the folks at Save the Bay have put together a pretty neat interactive to show you just how bad plastic pollution is in the Bay area.

Find out how you can join the Coastal Cleanup fun: S.F. Bay Area, San Diego, Los Angeles.

And if you’re not in California, not to worry, because this Saturday is International Coastal Cleanup Day. Here’s all you need to know about how to connect with cleanup efforts in your coastal community, courtesy of the Ocean Conservancy. (Another list here.)

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What’s that? You don’t live anywhere near the ocean? Well, how about spending a few minutes on Saturday picking up trash in your community. Better yet, stop using plastic bags altogether and pester your pals to join the reusable bag crusade.

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