Dearest readers,

OK, so bees might not be your primary concern these days, what with health care and jobs and foreclosures to worry about. But we depend on our buzzing buddies more than you might think: for one thing, they play a key role in producing a third of the food we eat.

So here’s an easy way to show your love for the bees this week: tweet!

Through a campaign called Help the Honey Bees (#HelpHoneyBees), Haagen-Dazs is raising funds and awareness. As part of the campaign, from now through November 11, the company will donate $1 per tweet with the proper hashtag, up to 500 per day. The money will support honeybee research at UC Davis. Of course, they could just cough up the $3500 and be done with it … but that wouldn’t be viral and all that good stuff!

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Show the world you’re as viral as colony collapse disorder … tweet for the bees today.

And check out my bee hugs video, below. It’s one of my favorites. Spread the honey love!

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.