The Edge of U2

Photo: Samira Khan via Flickr.

On Edge
Neighbors of U2 guitarist The Edge are Malibu-hooing about his real estate plans that involve leveling One Tree Hill (and causing eco-worries in the process). Too bad he’s probably gonna move forward on the deal with or without view.

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@Twidiots_everywhere Now you can hook up a Tweet-A-Watt to your Kill-A-Watt and tell all your Twitterers just how much energy you’re saving. And just how big a nerd you are.





Punch your lights out
Go dark Saturday night to help bring climate change solutions to light. With everyone from ironic 90s crooners to the incredible Hulk taking part, it’s lookin’ to be a pretty big turn-off. So go ahead, flick ’em off; there’s plenty of fun to be had in the dark.


Part fish. Part machine. All carp. The future of underwater pollution detection.





Double panes
All I wanna do is … watch this video over and over.

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