Robert EggerRobert Egger has a lot going on in his head. Just ask him. 

As a nonprofit entrepreneur, a serial searcher for ordinary people doing extraordinary things, a deeply deep thoughts kind of guy, Egger gives us something to ponder every week.

We ask. He yaks. We listen. And now you can, too. Listen to Egger’s single-breath exposition on the Prodigal Generation. Trust us, it’s the most entertaining few minutes you’ll spend today.

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Egger is founder and President of the D.C. Central Kitchen, the nation’s first “community kitchen,” where unemployed men and women learn marketable culinary skills while donated food is converted into balanced meals. Since opening in 1989, the DCCK has distributed over 20 million meals and helped 700 men and women gain full-time employment.

Robert currently leads the V3 Campaign, which educates politicians to the economic contributions of America’s nonprofit sector. Robert speaks nationally and internationally on hunger and homelessness, social enterprise, and nonprofit unity. For a complete list if speaking engagements, or to access Robert’s op-ed, podcasts, videos, or blogs, please go to