glassesPhoto via GeekosystemObserving wildlife? Good. Inadvertently threatening the wildlife while observing it? Eh, not so good. But some bizarre-looking glasses may be the solution.

According to Geekosystem, “Earlier this month at the Dutch Rotterdam Zoo, an 11-year-old male gorilla named Bokito escaped and ran rampant through the zoo’s food court, injuring a woman when he bit and dragged her some distance. Now, health insurance company FBTO is distributing eye-contact disguising glasses that allow zoo visitors to stare all they like, a behavior that is threatening to most of the great apes.”

Sure, the glasses are totally creepy-looking, but they’ll hopefully allow you to experience wildlife without being attacked by it.

UPDATED: Geekosystem reported the following correction on this story:

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“Bokito actually broke out in 2007, not ‘earlier this month.’ Whoops. Better take these glasses off so you can see that we’re ashamed.”

Still pretty interesting.


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