McDonald'sWould you like fries with that?Photo: lille abe via FlickrWe love our McDonald’s stories (as evidenced here, here, and, oh yeah, here), so it’s no wonder that this one jumped out at us: McDonald’s Happy Meal “came with cigarette.”  According to the U.K. publication Metro, Nicky Holloway found an unused cigarette in the Happy Meal she purchased for her 1-year-old son.

“‘My son can feed himself and I was watching him eat, but he could easily have put the cigarette in his mouth.’ Miss Holloway said the manager of the McDonald’s branch in her home city offered her another meal or a £1.99 refund.

But she insisted on keeping the meal and toy from the children’s movie How To Train Your Dragon and contacted the McDonald’s head office.”

The butt in the bag was obviously a mistake, and the mom was understandably pissed. But was that cigarette really worse for him than the garbage he was stuffing in his 1-year-old face? Methinks not.

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