peeing on bricks signThis kid is pissing all over a good idea.Clav via Creative CommonsSometimes it feels like climate change has us all up against a brick wall.

Then some innovator pisses all over those fears by cooking up a formula for eco-bricks that don’t need cooking — thus, saving millions of tons of CO2 each year. And she does it all with some sand, germs, salt, and pee (urea, actually). Just mix it up, skip the baking, and you go from (sort-of) kidney stones to sandstone in a jiffy.

These eco-bricks made from number one took number one (and $25,000) in Metropolis Magazine’s Next Generation Design Competition. American architect Ginger Krieg Dosier, working as an assistant professor in Abu Dhabi, engineered this brilliant brick formula.

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Like many great ideas, do you suppose she dreamt it up while on the toilet?

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