Kill a WattCourtesy p3international.comSeattle Public Library now lets patrons check out Kill a Watt home energy monitors (retail $31 or so). Check it out, plug it into an outlet, and start learning about your home’s energy use:

Library patrons can borrow a device with their library card, just as they would with books, DVD’s, etc. Plug it into an electrical outlet to find out the cost of running refrigerators, computers, TVs and other home appliances. The monitor measures the electric consumption of small to medium household electronic devices and appliances, and can even help discover which appliances drain energy even when they’re not on.

Seems like a great way to let folks dip their toes into the world of smart grid technology and start learning about its money-saving, emissions-cutting potential. Over the long haul, that’ll help build political support for more smart-grid investment. Nifty.


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