The concept of getting smashed to blow off some steam is nothing new. But New Yorkers will be doing it in a whole new way at the (invite-only) Glassphemy! exhibit coming to Brooklyn. Part art, part recycling, part anger management, this installation is all about letting go (in more ways than one)—and feeling good.Glassphemy!Because breaking up is fun to do.

How it works:

  • Grab a few beer bottles (donated from local bars)
  • Ascend a 20 foot platform
  • Lob bottles at friends and family (standing behind bulletproof glass)
  • Watch glass shatter and lights flash
  • Feel awesome
  • Recycle (or repurpose) broken glass into something useful

Born out of a Philly brainstorm on how to stop people from breaking glass in vacant lots, Glassphemy! turns a social ill into psychological relief. The creative types at Macro Sea are behind this hit sensation as well as last summer’s semi-secret Dumpster diving holes.

It sounds like a great way to break the ice with an ex, but in case you never receive that invitation to the exhibit (in the mail, I’m sure), watch the New York Times‘ video or suggest the best use for the glass shards in ReadyMade’s contest.

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