malibu airplane houseThe architect must be having a mayday, er, heyday with this house.Considering the jumbo-jet-sized carbon emissions of air travel, it’s plane to see that the greenest place for an airplane is on the ground. Preferably before it’s flown millions of passengers around the world, but if the plane has already gone that route, why not pick it up like checked luggage and turn it into your next home?

That’s what Francie Rehwald in Malibu, Calif., is doing anyway. Even though the former Boeing 747’s wings had to be helicoptered to the site and the home has to be registered with the FAA so pilots won’t mistake it for a downed airplane, she’s getting the house that will put her on cloud nine.

Watch the internet-unfriendly (read: unable to be embedded here) video from Fox News: Woman Builds Home from Airplane.

Besides recycling the lightweight parts of the plane into a house (in what looks like the middle of the desert), the home will be powered by solar panels and efficiently heated through radiant flooring. But will it serve complimentary packs of peanuts?

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Sidenote: Not to take a cheap shot at Fox News, but really, “The Malibu ‘Wing House’ is also green friendly“? Does that mean it’s unfriendly to blue and red? So much unfriendliness in this video!


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