Recycled islandRecycled island — paradise upon piles of plastics?Photo courtesy of WHIM architectureLand ho! Or is it? With the growing mass of trash accumulating in the Pacific Ocean, it’s about time somebody started to make mountains out of these molehills of trash.

WHIM architecture, a cutting-edge company based in the Netherlands, has a new proposal that’s anything but garbage — they want to create a habitable, floating island in the Pacific made from the mounds of plastic waste that swirl around in the Pacific Ocean’s currents.

WHIM has three goals for their so-called Recycled Island: Clean the ocean of all that pesky and permanent plastic, create new land, and construct a sustainable habitat. The island will not only make a statement against trashing our oceans — it is designed to be a completely sustainable system, using everything from renewable energy and compost toilets to green urban planning.

And who would live on this recycled refuge? According to Greenpeace, in 30 years climate change could result in at least 200 million “climate refugees.” WHIM claims Recycled Island would give them a sustainable and safe place to start over.

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With such innovative ideas to reimagine trash and other recyclables for our living spaces, it’s time to redefine what we mean by trailer trash.

So, how about it. Would you live on a heap of trash in the middle of the ocean?

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