love lane bike lanePhoto: Panoptico via Flickr

As a healthy, affordable, and non-polluting way of getting around, the two-wheeled wonder that is bicycling can’t be beat, which is probably why it’s enjoying such an enthusiastic resurgence in popularity right now. However, U.S. streets, drivers, and even pedestrians may not be quite ready to welcome an influx of well-spoked folk. The pervasive attitude that roads were made for cars, not bikes, has pushed cyclists toward guerrilla street art to get their point across (and toward some cult-ish tendencies too).

In homage to those positive and creative forces pushing non-gas pedals across the nation, we invite you to strap on a helmet and steer yourself into the “I’m loving bikes” lane with these artistic examples of bike activism taken quite literally to the streets.

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Critical Mass bikes chasing car-eating bikePhoto: Biblioteca Salaborsa via Flickr

Ah, the rowdy, monthly bike rallies of Critical Mass — always ready to swarm bike-munching cars and always handy with a can of spray paint.

When you’re looking for that extra boost during your morning commute, forgo coffee and try this Mario Kart-style route in Portland, Ore., instead. Once you’re in this bike lane, you’ll soon be feeling invincible … as long as you can avoid the banana peels. 1-UP!

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Hat tip to Grist reader Caleb, who regularly bikes this route — around the bananas.

good karma bad carmaPhotos: Jen Morgan Moriarty via Flickr

Cycling’s benefits aren’t limited to those doing the two-wheeling. Streets with painted bike lanes are 40 percent less dangerous to those of us going about on two feet, according to New York City’s Department of Transportation. That’s good news for cyclists who may be reincarnated as pedestrians.

Burn fat not oil bike graffitiPhoto: kong niffe via Flickr

Perhaps you’re starting to catch on that cyclists are not often — to put it delicately — “transportation neutral.”

prepare adapt survive bike graffitiPhoto: Matt Katzenberger via Flickr

This is where those odd, cultish tendencies reveal themselves.

h8 cars heart bikes graffitiPhoto: svennevenn via Flickr

H8ers gonna h8, but it’s no sweat off our bike-commuting backs.

bicycling is not a crimePhoto: Times-Up NYC Art: Janet Bike Girl via Flickr

Well, unless you’re in Black Hawk, Colo., that is.

make bike not war graffitiPhoto: rebecapaz via Flickr

If car = oil-fueled war, then bike must = love.

no dinosaurs on bikes graffitiPhoto: Heather Haupt Enos, taken on North Campus at Cornell University

Can you imagine what the streets would be like if they started letting Velociraptors use the bike lanes? There’s no talon what they would do!

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