Book cover.Dearest readers,

Colorful leaves are floating about and argyle socks are making their way out of sock drawers everywhere. Fall is officially in the air. What better time to start a new Ask Umbra book club book?

I wanted to find a book both invigorating and cozy to match the season. I found one that bridges old and new and serves as a guide to food, cocktails, music, fashion, and crafts. And the book is … United States of Americana — Backyard chickens, burlesque beauties and handmade bitters: A field guide to the new American roots movement.

Here’s what the book’s cover has to say about it: “Americana. It’s more than mere nostalgia; it’s a conscious celebration of community and sustainability. It’s a movement born in response to the ever-accelerating pace of modern life and Internet technology overload. All over the country, people are returning to an appreciation for the simpler things in life.”

Written by Kurt B. Reighley (KEXP’s DJ El Toro), the book is equal parts historical reference and manual for a hands-on approach to creating culture and community.

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The book covers:

  • Pickling, preserving, and “putting up” food
  • Handcrafts “from soap to sweaters”
  • Making cocktail bitters and drinking locally
  • American-made shoes and clothing
  • Vintage roots music and the art of used record shopping

Get your copy of the book and dive in. We’ll discuss the book daily during the week of October 25th.

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