Party mice.Where’s the work party? We want to free our souls!Photo: Lulu WitchDearest readers,

This weekend it’s time to party — work party, that is! If you’re not planning on it already, I encourage each and every one of you to find a 10/10/10 work crew this Sunday and join it.

Bill McKibben is the visionary behind this Global Work Party, which is bringing people together to have fun and get things done. Partiers all over the world will be working on projects designed to cut carbon emissions and create real, tangible climate solutions, from Portugal’s zero-carbon music festival to the commitment by Japanese sumo wrestlers to bike instead of drive to their training session. I like to think of it as an old school Amish barnraising, possibly with beer.

My task this Sunday is to help build an urban chicken coop. Here’s where you can find an event in your neighborhood. If you’d like to put together your own event, here are 10 great work party ideas.

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If you’ve been feeling lonely and been yearning to make a difference, this is your chance.

Happy work partying! Here’s a playlist with slightly revised titles to get you in the (work) party mood. Click on the titles to (work) party on:

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I’m Coming Up So You Better Get the (Work) Party Started” (Pink)
Tonight We’re Going to (Work) Party Like It’s 1999” (Prince)
Where’s the (Work) Party?” (Madonna)
Tick Tock on the Clock, But the (Work) Party Don’t Stop” (Ke$ha)

Party girlishly,