Here’s the “helmet” with the airbag activated. No, this isn’t how it looks when you’re riding your bike; just when you fall off of it and pose for a photoshoot. (Photo by Hovding.)

A pair of Swedish designers have been banging their heads against the wall to come to the aid of discriminating cyclists who want to avoid mussing their manes without cracking their heads. They’ve finally hit the right combination of style and safety in the Hövding, “the invisible airbag bicycle helmet.”

While cyclists are whizzing around town, the “helmet” is tucked into a stylish collar worn around the neck. If they fall off their bike or have a run-in with a car, sensors like those in a vehicle airbag detect some sh*t is about to go down and instantly inflate the bag to protect the noggin. The model pictured here clearly can’t wait to climb back on her bike after stopping traffic with either her crash or her dress. This creative design adds a twist to the ongoing debate about whether requiring helmet use discourages cycling. Bike-riders would just have to get used to having combustible materials tucked next to their faces.

Right now it looks like you can only bag the look in Sweden. In the meantime, check out the crash-test video to see how it works from about a million different angles and speeds:

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