Kippen House garden chicken coopThis coop will throw you for a loop.Photo: Traci Fontyn

What’s more hip than raising chickens and having a vegetable garden in the city? Growing your veggies in a rooftop garden on top of your slick city chicks’ stylish coop.

Kippen House garden chicken coopFresh eggs, herbs, and veggies all in one? It’s like a grocery store in your backyard.Photo: Traci FontynThat’s right, you can keep those mother cluckers cooped up while you raise the roof with your raised garden beds from Kippen House. There’s also the vertical garden coop model, with three rows of planters on one end of the coop and a sloped roof to funnel water to your plants. Perfect if you like your chicken served with herbs and greens.

This coopéd idea came out the recessed-up creative energies of Traci Fontyn, a Seattle architect who found herself without a job but with plenty of ambition. She and her family dug the trend of urban agriculture and wanted some fresh eggs … which led to Fontyn’s “obsession [with] designing the BEST chicken coop.”

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Meant to fit in better in a city than behind a barn, these modern chicken coops are definitely an investment at $875, but considering they’re made-to-order, delivered and installed for you, and double as raised garden beds, the idea definitely grows on you. (If you live within delivery driving distance of Seattle, that is.)

The only way to one-up this would be if you placed a bee hive and compost bin on the garden rooftop of this coop (hey look, both are in the works) and then located the entire contraption on your apartment building roof. It would be enough to make the most cutting-edge rooftop-farmer flip her lid.

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