We know you tried to block it out of your memory, but the internet is here to remind you anyway: Discovery Communications is launching its “documentary series about the remarkable Governor Palin and her home state of Alaska.”

A preview episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska aired Sunday night on TLC, apparently full of the former Alaska governor showing off how she and the fam can do the outdoorsy thing: hiking on glaciers! fishing with bears! shooting wolves!* (*censored by the FCC). And of course preaching “respect for the elements.” 

Sarah Palin's Alaska bearWe can hardly bear to watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska.However, the self-styled Mama Grizzly has already landed in the cross hairs with environmentalists for not showing enough respect for da bears in this first look at “her Alaska.” The Palins appeared fishing for trouble when their boat angled up next to protected brown bears — and too close for comfort for Alaska Wildlife Alliance director John Toppenberg, who said they crossed a fishing line.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game guidelines [PDF] ask oh-so-bluntly that all visiting anglers refrain from casting within 30 feet of a bear (or about two boat lengths). That is, unless you want to see the end of “Grizzly Man” again, and no one wants that.

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Is Sarah Palin being her maverick-y self and breaking all the rules? Or are people just splitting hairs? Take a look for yourself:


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