Ask a bunch of kids a question, you’ll never come up short on answers — incisive, unpredictable and encouragingly earth-friendly. (I asked thousands of kids 24 questions when I was putting together my latest book, Kids Make It Better: A Write-in, Draw-in Journal.) Last week, I asked this one:

“If you could give the earth anything this holiday season, what would it be?”

DrawingBy Theona, age 6


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A new atmosphere because ours is breaking.

— Bud, age 7




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Museum drawingBy Sam, age 5


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A museum as tall as the Statue of Liberty with 114 rooms with weird-shaped windows that change colors.

— Nicky, age 7





answer“By my calculations, it is 42.” “I’m impressed.”




The answer to everything.

— Carter, age 7



artBy T.J., age 6



A dog.

— T.J., age 6


Sparkly pink, blue, and orange snow.

— Rachel, age 8






Earth giftBy Olivia, age 9


Less wars. If people would work things out with words, they wouldn’t need to fight.

— Bradley, age 7


A cure for cancer. I know a boy that has cancer and someone I know had a spot removed from her shin. My grammy’s dog has cancer, too.

— Sydney, age 8






A vacuum cleaner to clean up pollution.

— Madeline, age 8






A humongous trophy.

— Chloe, age 5



— Madeline, age 8





DrawingBy Andrew, age 6


A cup of smiles so everyone would be happy.

— Daniel, age 8



Special thanks drawing

Hey, Grist readers, here’s a question for the kids you know:

“What is one New Year’s resolution everybody should make?”

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Special thanks to the Florence Sawyer Elementary School and the rest of the Kids Make It Better brain trust.