Gelatin "Jelloware" cupJiggle jiggle wha?Photo: The Way We See the WorldToday in why-is-this-thing-real news, we have party cups made of Jell-O. Did your brow just crinkle? Because mine did. First, what does this mean for the Jell-O shot? Part of that timeless ritual is peeling back the Dixie cup as you skloosh the puck of gelatin into your drunk, drooling mouth. An edible cup is sure to turn frat parties the world over into confused mêlées.  (That would be different from a normal frat party how? Snap!) (I kid. I know you were part of that one frat that helped those people make their lives better.) Anyway, these cups are made of an algae-based gelatin that’s supposed to be good for plants. “Once used, the Jelloware can be simply tossed onto the grass where agar agar would nurture the plants to grow,” writes trend site PSFK. I don’t know about you, but tossing trash onto somebody’s lawn — even if it is my own — just feels wrong, like that time I took swimming lessons in the sewer. I’ll be sticking with that $3 glassware I got from Value Village.