If you’re tired of Canucks claiming their country’s better, site ifitweremyhome.com helps settle the debate once and for all. (Not.) But it does help you gauge how valid those claims are. You can compare any two countries and see how factors like electricity use, number of kids, and employment stack up. “If Senegal were your home instead of the United States,” the site says, “you would use 99.21 percent less electricity.” Thanks for making me feel like crap more globally aware, site!

Unfortunately it looks like those braggy Canadians are on to something. The site says if you lived in Canada instead of the U.S., you’d …

  • experience 28.67% less of a class divide
  • use 27.2% more electricity
  • have 25.67% less babies (how, exactly, isn’t explained)
  • spend 45.33% less on health care
  • make 17.24% less money
  • live 3.05 years longer
  • have 8.6% more chance at being employed
  • consume 6.5% more oil
  • have 4.01% more free time
  • be 33.33% less likely to have HIV/AIDS

And now I’m officially moving to Norway, where people have a 66 percent better chance of being employed, spend 33 percent less on health care, and experience 44 percent less of a class divide.

Where would you move to?

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