We can learn two things from this map, based on Amazon.com's purchasing data: One, many parts of the country are at least buying green products and books about sustainability and conservation, which is a start. Two, Amazon needs a proofreader.

There are more charts, too, breaking down who's buying books and products for water conservation, energy savings, garden-to-table, green parenting, and environmental information. Most of the charts are particularly green around the edges, but Midwestern cities star in several areas. Here are a few of the notable findings:

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Most green toilets purchased: Santa Cruz, Calif.

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Most disappointing number of rain barrel purchases: Seattle, Wa. All that rainwater going to waste! You might as well go to Santa Cruz and flush it.

Most solar panels purchased: Daytona Beach, Fla.

Most well-read — or at least, best-stocked bookshelves — about energy efficiency: Lacrosse, Wis.

Sh*ttiest: Grand Junction, Colo. I'm sure it's lovely, I just mean they buy a ton of composting products.

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Most gardening-obsessed: Eureka, Calif.

Most environmentally knowledgeable non-wonk city: Missoula, Mont. Washington, D.C. bought a ton of environmental books too but they probably all went to Inhofe's book-burning.