Remember those people with flammable tap water? Yup, hydrofracking is responsible, according to Duke University scientists.

Chile wants to dam two incredible rivers, despite opposition from both locals and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

A judge in Utah shut down Koch Industries' search for the clever people who sent out a fake press release claiming the company had embraced the idea of climate change. A quote from the Kochtopus’ inner monologue: “How dare you, Utah judge? Nobody says Koch Industries believes in science and gets away with it! Nobody!”

Angela Merkel is kicking other world leaders' butts on clean energy policy.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Petroleum engineers and geophysicists are getting a pay bump, thanks to high gas prices. Of all the people profiting off gas right now, we suppose those are the least worst.

Eco-friendly paintballs!