Architect Barbie is building a new Dream House, and she needs help! Members of the American Institute of Architects can submit plans that fit Barbie's criteria, which include a house that "should reflect the best sustainable design principles."

But Barbie's idea of "sustainable design" needs a little tweaking. Girlfriend wants a huge closet for her "unlimited fashions and accessories" and a garage that accommodates at least three cars. And basically every room, she says, needs to be "large" or "spacious."

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Barbie should know that sustainable design or green materials can't make up for the impact building a new, gigantic house will have. If she really wanted to show her fans what sustainable design looks like, she'd be willing to admit that a green dream house has fewer, smaller rooms and is located in a community where she can bike or hop on a bus to get where she's going, instead of racing around in a convertible — even a hybrid one.

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