Oh, New York. You think that you've got a cool new idea, but always (always!) Europe beats you to it. NYC’s been getting all kinds of excited about its High Line park, an abandoned train platform converted into a wonderland of local plants, awesome places to sit and people-watch, and hibiscus ice pop vendors. But at TreeHugger, Alex Davies points out that NYC is just a couple decades late to the elevated park party. For almost 20 years, Parisians have been enjoying a stroll above city streets on the Viaduc des Arts. And just like the High Line, the elevated platform is a converted rail line.

Since it's Paris, though, they don't have plebeian entertainments like ice skating rinks and open-air beer halls beneath their elevated park. They have art galleries and artisan workshops! Plus, it looks totally beautiful. Whatever, though, their ice pops are probably flavored with brie.

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