Fashion consumers tending toward greener garb

Increasingly, fashionistas “don’t just want to look good in their clothes, they want to feel good in their clothes,” says Ali Hewson, co-creator (with her husband, U2’s Bono) of eco-sensitive clothing line Edun. With a growing number of ethical and green clothing lines hitting the market and making use of renewable fibers like bamboo, soy, corn, and chitin, conscientious couture-lovers have plenty of choices. And, say the founders of earth-friendly apparel line I Wear Red Shoes, those choices are no longer limited to Birkenstocks and varying shades of beige. Even more mainstream clothiers like Nike, Armani, and British boutique Marks and Spencer are using organic cotton and hemp fibers in some of their apparel lines. People are starting to look at their clothing and ask where it came from and how it was made. Says Hewson, “We are answering a need rather than creating a new concept here.”