Having dispensed with the good news, we can now move on to the goofy news: Danny Seo, the young fashion guru who has been featured in Grist’s pages before as the Martha Stewart of the environmental movement, is packing up his New York life and moving to Los Angeles to position himself as an “environmental lifestyle consultant” to the stars. In that unlikely capacity, he will advise the glitterati on how to reconcile their earnest environmental commitments with their passion for Prada leather, home swimming pools, and SUVs — at the cool starting rate of $2,000. There would appear to be a demand for Seo’s talents; sometime-actress Anna Getty, for instance, recently sported a recycled dress he chose, and the young entrepreneur earns $15,000 a pop for appearances on the lecture circuit. Says Seo of his decision to take his green vision to Hollywood, “A lot of trends start at the upper-income levels. What I don’t want to do is start mainstream and work my way up. It goes the other way around.”