Organic marijuana certification sought in California county

Need your pot, but worried about all the chemi … dude, you gonna eat that? Wait, where were we? Oh, for all those who prefer their pot free of toxic chemicals (and have a user card allowing them to smoke it for medical purposes, of course), there’s good news from Mendocino County, Calif. — the very county that last year brought you the first ban on genetically modified crops in the nation. Now it’s working on another first: certifying marijuana as organic. Concerned about consumer health and safety, two medical-marijuana growers in the area asked the county for organic certification, and now county officials are appealing to the California ag secretary for direction on how to proceed. As there are practically no marijuana-specific agricultural products on the market, some growers have been treating cannabis with chemicals developed for ornamental plants, which worries Mendocino officials. “We regulate wine grape growers and pear growers and everybody else, so why shouldn’t we also regulate pot growers?” asked Tony Linegar, the county’s assistant agricultural commissioner.