The parenting series ends today. Which might mean the Pete Seeger song will stop going through my head (“Be kind to your parents, though they don’t deserve it. Remember that parenthood is a difficult stage of life …”). Or not.

We heard from a lot of you during the past two weeks, and we know a lot more are reading the stories and sharing them with friends and family. Thanks for that. With hope, this collection will remain a useful resource for years to come — or at least until the next study on plastics comes out.

As the series progressed, two themes really jumped out at me: First, many parents credit their own parents for leading by example, even if — especially if — they weren’t doing it to be green (“My dad took the bus, train, and/or subway to work when I was a kid on Long Island. My mom sometimes rode her bike to work.”). So the choices you’re making today really will stick with your kids. And second, making healthy, eco-wise choices is an ongoing education for all involved (“We keep the heat low, teach them to wear sweaters when it’s cold in the house. The kids get it. The partner doesn’t.”).

“Don’t be afraid of not knowing the answers,” wrote one mother of two. Solid advice. Now if you’ll excuse me — I have to go decide whether to have kids.

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